Something in the Dark

Something in the Dark – A Feature-length Supernatural Thriller

Through mysterious eyewear, a blind woman can see ghosts, but is unable to distinguish between the living and the dead. She glimpses Death itself stalking her and must discover why it has come for her.

A “Talkless” Film

Something in the Dark is what could be called a “talkless” film. Unlike a true silent film, it still contains recorded sound, but literally does not contain a single spoken word.

The aim is to create a more involving and creepy experience which plays exactly the same to any audience, regardless of what language they speak, without distracting subtitles or voice dubbing. This format is intended to be the next trend since the “found footage” craze began with The Blair Witch Project. This widens our market for the film, making it more profitable, while also saving time and money in prepping it for each geographic region.

Horror Style

Something in the Dark is basically a ghost story, but plays on many different levels including drama, action and humor. The aim is to create a constant creepy feeling that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, versus displays of stark violence or gore. It’s more elegant than that, expressing even a level of beauty to the macabre subject matter. There really isn’t another film we can liken it to; which is good in a genre filled with unoriginal material.

Release Date

As of late 2023, production is 99% complete.

In the meantime, we are shopping for a distributor.

Sophie Turner

Something in the Dark stars actress and model Sophie Turner, who has completed The Devil’s Dozen, directed by Jeremy London and stars Eric Roberts and Jake Busey.

Her character in Something in the Dark is basically a blind bitch. She feels responsible for her son’s recent death and begins the story on a self-destructive path through substance abuse and personal neglect. As things progress, she is forced to confront recent tragedies and rise above her personal fears in finding something to live for and eventually fight for.

A few years back, Sophie starred in Search for a Supermodel, the Australian reality TV series surrounding the famed Ford Models’ Supermodel of the World competition.

Immediately post-Supermodel, Sophie was signed to the prestigious Ford Models Agency in the USA, where she was quickly nicknamed “The Saucy Aussie.” Turner graced runways all over the planet from Japan to the United States, working for high profile brands Bill Blass, Nicole Miller, Ed Hardy and Rene Rofe. Turner’s modeling success swelled into the commercial, swimsuit and glamour print arenas, where she found her niche in swimsuit and lingerie. Sophie has graced the glossy pages of countless highly-respected magazines all over the globe.

In recent years, Sophie became an internet sensation, a paparazzi favorite, and a gossip magazine’s treat. In 2010, Ms. Turner was dubbed the 2nd top Google search in the world after being caught in a celebrity battle of the derrieres with Kim Kardashian. Sophie’s famous curves have appeared on Sports Illustrated, FHM and Maxim’s coveted sites, and have adorned the pages of Playboy.

Never shy of hard work, Sophie remarkably earned a law degree while performing the demands of her busy modeling career. Boasting beauty and brains, Ms. Turner’s goal of becoming an attorney was solidified when she earned her Master of Laws, specializing in Entertainment Law, at UCLA.

Steven Aguilera – Writer | Director | Composer

Steven Aguilera is a multi-award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter with a focus on highly creative horror, science fiction and comedy. He has written seven feature scripts and has directed numerous short films and two features.

On his first major film project in high school, he served as a scenic artist on the Roman Coppola-produced horror feature Clownhouse, starring Sam Rockwell.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Steven now resides in Los Angeles and works as a full-time filmmaker while co-hosting the podcast, Dissecting Horror.

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